Classic Doula Care
What's included
Prenatal Care
two prenatal meetings where we will talk about your pregnancy, your prior births if any, and determine your needs in terms of physical, emotional, and educational support. We go will over the type of birth you aspire to and the way you envision it.
Labor Support

Continuous support during the different stages of labor, coaching, and supporting you physically and emotionally. I will stay after birth until you are comfortable, and everyone is settled, and breastfeeding is established.

In the instance where a cesarean birth must occur, depending on hospital policy and circumstances I may be able to provide you with continuing support in the operating room.

Postnatal Care

The postpartum period includes one connection by phone within the first 2 days following birth to see how you are feeling and how is everything going.

Within the 2 weeks following birth, I will visit you to offer additional support that may be related to breastfeeding, newborn care, or parenting.

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