The Placenta


The placenta is a remarkable and unique organ that is created during pregnancy to support the growth and development of a new life. It is a temporary organ that plays a crucial role in providing oxygen, nutrients, and waste removal for the fetus. The creation, purpose, and ways to honor the placenta after birth are all aspects of its amazingness that are worth exploring.

The creation of the placenta begins early in pregnancy, within the first few weeks after conception. As the fetus grows, the placenta grows with it, providing an essential link between the mother and the developing fetus. The placenta is attached to the wall of the uterus and is connected to the fetus by the umbilical cord, which is the lifeline between the mother and the fetus.

The purpose of the placenta is to provide a vital source of oxygen, nutrients, and waste removal for the fetus. The placenta contains a rich network of blood vessels that transfer oxygen and nutrients from the mother's blood supply to the fetus. It also serves as a filter, removing waste products and harmful substances from the fetal blood and returning clean blood to the fetus. This helps to protect the fetus from exposure to toxic substances that may be present in the mother's blood.

In addition to its physical functions, the placenta also plays a role in regulating hormones that are critical for maintaining pregnancy and supporting the growth and development of the fetus. For example, the placenta produces hormones such as human placental lactogen (hPL) and progesterone, which help to regulate the metabolism of the fetus and mother and prevent premature labor.

After birth, the placenta is no longer needed and is expelled from the body. However, in many cultures, the placenta is considered to be a sacred and precious part of the birth experience. Some families choose to bury the placenta in a special place, such as a garden or near a tree, as a way of honoring the life that it supported.

Other families choose to encapsulate the placenta and take it in capsule form as a way to continue to receive its health benefits. Some studies have shown that consuming the placenta may help to boost energy levels, improve mood, and support postpartum recovery.

The placenta is truly an amazing and essential organ that plays a vital role in supporting the growth and development of a new life. From its creation to its purpose and ways to honor it after birth, the placenta is a truly remarkable and fascinating part of the birth experience. Whether you choose to bury it, encapsulate it, or simply appreciate its amazingness, the placenta is a symbol of the incredible power of the human body to create and sustain new life.

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