The Day of the Goddess

JANUARY 14TH, 2023

Yesterday, Friday the 13th was my first birth of the year and the second baby for the woman I served.

Despite its bad reputation, Friday 13th is good luck as it is associated with the 13 cycles of the moon in a lunar calendar, this is why a woman has 13 cycles a year and ovulates on the 13th day.

Thirteen became the goddess's sacred number, and later Friday became the day of the Norse Goddess Freya. This is why Friday the 13th is actually a spiritual day of enlightenment, divine feminine energy, and healing that should be sacred.

And what is more sacred than the ceremony of life?

I had the honor to witness a powerful arrival on Earthside.


Getting to my client last night was like going to a friend's house who happens to go into labor while I am there with my doula skills and experience.

Everything unfolded the way was meant to be even with some complexities.

The team @ifbmidwifery @monkeymindwellness had strong and capable hands.

And what a treat to do what you love surrounded by friends while I soak up their gentle wisdom.


Welcome to the world sweet M.

What a compelling day you choose to be born on.

May Friday the 13th always bring you prosperity.

Happy Birth Day to you both E & M.
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