Birthkeeping and,
Healing Mothers
Every Woman Deserves A Doula

Every birth, every journey is unique, and it is a period of your life that you will forever remember. You deserve attentive care and support and, to do just that I accept a limited amount of clients per month and book several months in advance. You may contact me at any time to discuss availability around your estimated due date.

Birth Strategy Session
Let’s go to your favorite coffee shop or wherever you feel comfortable and let’s be birth nerds for a couple of hours. It is a moment for us to get acquainted and for you to learn more about what I offer as labor and postpartum Doula and see that we are a good fit for each other.
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Classic Doula Package
From $800
The Classic Doula Package is the ideal bundle if you find yourself already getting close to meet your baby and, now that you think of it, having an extra layer of support for you and your partner is actually a great idea!

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Premium Doula Package
From $1150
A whole holistic approach of doula care to enjoy, connect, experience, and slow down during your pregnancy's journey, your childbirth experience and you Sacred Window.

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Healing is an art. It takes time, it takes practice and,

it takes LOVE.

In my postpartum doula role, I am by your side to help you thrive and not just survive your postpartum period. I am your personal guide through your Fourth trimester. I am the extra layer of support that help you learn to navigate life with a new baby, normalize the overwhelming experiences, help you recognize when and how to reach out for extra support, and tame the chaos and clutter that newborns can sometimes bring along.

Sunshine Postnatal Care
Postpartum and Newborn Day Support
This is when you need support during the day, since your partner is back at work or your mother flew back already and well, you are learning how to care for you and another being at the same time and that can be tough.

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Moonlight Postnatal Care
Postpartum and Newborn Evening and Night Support
This is when you need support in the evening and at night because the days are exhausting, you need to rest and getting the whole family adjusted is a bit tricky.

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Womb Wellness
Bengkung Belly Binding

Belly binding is not a trend nor a magic trick to lose your baby weight. In many cultures across the world, it is a traditional way of wrapping the postpartum womb. Each culture has its own technique. It provides new mothers the feel of being supported, held, and all bundled up in

a constant comforting hug.

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