EDD: control and manipulation

JANUARY 18TH, 2023

Estimated Due Dates are one of the biggest
used by the Industrial Maternity Care System
to manage your pregnancy and birth.

Estimated due dates, often referred to as "EDDs," are a prime example of the control and manipulation exercised by the industrial maternity care system over pregnant women and birth.

First and foremost, it is important to understand that EDDs are just that – estimates. They are not a guarantee of when a baby will be born, yet they are treated as such. Women are told to plan their lives around a specific date, with induction and even
C-section scheduled if a baby is "overdue." This not only puts unnecessary pressure on the mother and baby, but it also increases the likelihood of interventions during birth – interventions that are often pushed by hospitals and maternity care providers to increase profits and maintain control over the birthing process.

Furthermore, EDDs are based on outdated and inaccurate methods. The traditional method, known as Naegele's rule, estimates the due date by taking the first day of a woman's last menstrual period and adding 280 days. However, this method does not take into account individual variations in menstrual cycles or the fact that fertilization may not occur on the day of ovulation.

Recent research has shown that due dates based on ultrasound measurements in the first trimester are more accurate, but still not perfect. However, even with this new method, only 5% of women give birth on their due date. The remaining 95% are considered "overdue" or "early" – yet another indication of the inaccuracy of EDDs.

It's time for pregnant women to take back control of their birth experiences and reject the industrial maternity care system's attempts to dictate the terms of their pregnancies and births. We must reject the notion that a baby must be born on a specific date and instead trust in the natural process of birth. We must also demand more accurate and individualized due date estimates from our maternity care providers, and a more holistic, woman-centered approach to maternity care.
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