To me, being your birth keeper is
an honor and a commitment.

To me, it is not just to be there on your big day, it is more than serving you as a birthing person.

It is the commitment to give you the best of my knowledge so you can be confident that you are making decisions that feel right for you, your baby, and your family in any scenario, and to ensure that you always have the best possible outcome while respecting your choices and values.
It is the commitment that I will be there if you need a shoulder to cry because you are tired and fed up and you just want
to see your feet again.
I will be a phone call away at 3:00 a.m. when you had
an insane nightmare and you need reassurance.
I will hold your hand and remind you how beautifully pregnant
and strong you are and how powerful your body is.
I will tell you not to fear because your body knows and you are doing
an amazing job. I will tell you that you are a lot stronger than you think you are.
I will help you confidently through your last wave so you can continue
to rock your birth like a Goddess.

You got this.

Being your doula is the commitment that
I will make raspberries and moan with you to help you through each one of your contractions.
I will help you touch your baby's head if you want to as
you reach the climax of your pregnancy.
I will make your mother-in-law leave if that is what you need.
I will make sure that your partner eats and drinks
so he/she can support you until the end.

Also, it is not because your baby is here that I will disappear from you.

Being your Doula is also making sure that you and your family are
adjusting well to all the changes involved with the arrival of your baby.
It is making sure that your baby is transitioning well in
its new environment, that you are resting and
recovering both physically and emotionally.
It is also to make sure that your partner finds their
place in this new setting.

It is then and only then that my presence will begin to fade away.
I know I will forever carry you in my heart
because I was the humble witness of your strength
as you birthed your child into this world and to me, that is the apogee of life.

It is unique.

This is my commitment to you as your doula.
How could I forget?

With much love,
Oulala Clients Appreciation
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