JANUARY 19TH, 2023

If there is MAGIC on this planet,
it is contained in WATER.
-Loren Eisley

Water birth is a method of giving birth where the mother is immersed in water during labor and delivery. According to Barbara Harper, a pioneer in the field of water birth and founder of the Waterbirth International organization, there are six key benefits to this method of childbirth.

Reduced pain: The buoyancy of the water helps to alleviate the pressure on the mother's joints and muscles, making it easier for her to relax and move around during labor. This can result in less pain and a more comfortable birth experience.

Increased mobility: Being in the water allows the mother to move around more freely and find comfortable positions for labor and delivery. This can help to speed up the process and make it easier for the baby to move into the optimal position for delivery.

Greater control: Water birth allows the mother to be more in control of her own birth experience. She can move around, change positions, and use the water to her advantage, rather than being confined to a bed or other stationary position.

Faster labor: Studies have shown that labor can be shorter for women who give birth in water. This is likely due to the reduced pain and increased mobility that water birth allows.

Lower intervention rates: Water birth has been associated with lower rates of interventions such as vacuum extraction or forceps delivery. This is likely due to the fact that the water helps the baby to move into the optimal position for delivery, reducing the need for interventions.

Better outcomes for baby: Babies born in water have been shown to have fewer complications and better overall outcomes compared to babies born in a traditional setting. This includes higher Apgar scores, which measure a baby's overall well-being at birth, and less need for resuscitation or special care.

Water birth has many benefits for both mother and baby and is becoming an increasingly popular method of childbirth. It offers a more comfortable and controlled birth experience, with faster labor, lower intervention rates, and better outcomes for babies.

It's important to note that water birth is not recommended for all women and that consult with your midwife to discuss the options and any potential risks before deciding if water birth is suitable for you.
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